Don't Wait To Get Paid - Factor Your Freight Bills

At Load Surfer it is our business to help you find loads to haul and keep your business and the families that depend on it strong and secure. Factoring is simply buying invoices from a business at a very small discount. It is quite common in the trucking industry because it helps your business control risk while improving cash flow and eliminates waiting an average of 37 days to get paid after you deliver a load. This helps your business run more smoothly right from the start by maintaining the cash flow you need to keep your wheels turning. Most importantly, factoring your freight bills eliminates your need to request fast pay from brokers which has a negative effect how much the broker will pay you to haul the load and puts you in a much stronger negotiating position. It will also alert you if you are thinking about hauling a load for a broker whose credit is not good.

We highly recommend you use TAFS for your factoring needs. They are a company with many years of experience in the factoring industry and their service includes much more than just a basic freight bill factoring. For example, in addition to getting you paid for hauling the load in an hour from when you submit the paperwork, they can help you with cash for Insurance Financing, Equipment Financing, Fuel Discounts, Tire Discounts, Maintenance Discounts, Dispatching Service, Electronic Logging and more.