Load Surfer Load Board Packages and Pricing Plans

Plan Price
Basic Account $19.95
Premium Account (Includes Shipper Database) $24.95

Check out some of the features included with your subscription!


An especially unique feature of LoadSurfer is whenever you do a search, your search will be saved on the "Search Results" page. If you stay on the page you can refresh the page at any time and a flashing green button will alert you if any new loads have been posted. When you leave the site and return hours or even days later, your searches will still be there and the latest postings will be shown.

When searching you can select multiple origin and/or destination states by highlighting the states on an origin map and/or a destination map. If you like to run in particular states you can do a search for loads from wherever you are to any of the various preferred states at one time rather than one state at a time. On the other hand, because your searches are saved and monitored, you can also do individual searches from one destination to individual states and as new loads are posted that match any of your searches the icon for those searches will start blinking so whenever you go to your search results page you will know immediately which searches have new postings to check out.

When you are finished with specific searches you can delete them or save them as templates that you can easily reactivate at any time.


Also unique to LoadSurfer.com, a premium account gives you access to a shipper database that contains over 80,000 manufacturing companies throughout the USA who have 40 or more employees. Included with the various information about the company is what each company makes and how many employees it has and you can tell from this information which companies probably have a need for your service.

As a carrier, the database can be especially helpful in and around your base of operations to find local manufacturing companies who could use your services. You need to put on your salesman's hat, contact them, and, sell them on using your service. Having your own customers eliminates broker fees and minimizes the need for loadboards to get you going from your home base. It can also be useful if you are delivering loads to specific areas on a regular basis.

As a broker, you can use the database to find potential customers anywhere in the US to introduce yourself and your services to them. It can be especially helpful if you have carriers you like to work with who have trucks in specific areas on a regular basis.