Visitors - Find a Load Today!

As a visitor, you can click any of the state or province links below and see postings that are currently available in that state or province. It will also tell you how many loads are currently available in the state or province. Only the contact information is withheld.Please note that these are REAL LOADS that are available on Loadsurfer RIGHT NOW!

As a subscriber, you can set various options to narrow the search to find loads for your individual needs. The options include setting origin and destination cities within a specified radius, or, you can set multiple origin and or destination states or provinces. You can also set equipment type, weight and space limitations, full/partial loads, etc.

Your individual searches are saved until you elect to delete them so when you login you don't have to enter the same search criteria again and your search results are immediately available. This is ideal for searches you setup in areas where you are repeatedly looking for loads. For example, in and around your home base. It is especially helpful when you are looking for a load you will need as soon as you deliver your current load.

A basic subscription is only $14.95/month. A premium subscription for $19.95/month. A premium subscription will give you access to the Shipper Database that you can use to find potential customers anywhere in the US with 40 or more employees. Information provided includes what they make and how many employees they have which makes it easy to determine which companies may be potential customers. For carriers this can help you find local customers and reduce your need for loadboards just to get moving from your base of operations. For brokers, you can find potential customers throughout the US.

You can immediately have member access to the loads and the shipper database by Signing Up Here.