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Having a hard time finding potential customers? A unique feature of this site is our shipper database of over 80,000 companies throughout the US with 40 or more employees. Information provided includes the number employees the companies have and what they produce. From these two facts you can generally spot the ones who are likely to have a need for your services.

The database can be especially helpful in and around your base of operations where there are usually many potential customers who have no idea you even exist. You need to put on your salesman's hat and contact them and tell them about your company and the service you can provide for them. Needless to say, some of the advantages of having local customers are repeat business, personal friendships develop, it develops customer loyalty, and for carriers it eliminates broker fees. As a broker, you can use the database to find customers anywhere in the US. As a carrier it can be helpful if you are delivering loads in a specific area on a regular basis.

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