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LoadSurfer is an Internet Freight Terminal LLC loadboard for carriers, shippers and brokers. There are tens of thousands of loads and trucks posted every day. The surfing is great today and we have trucks and loads just waiting for you to select them.

CARRIERS: You can search for available loads in and around origin cities and destination cities of your choice. You can also specify multiple origin states and/or multiple destination states. (See the Free Trial Page.) When you post your truck, you can then see all the loads that will be of interest at that moment in time and you can refresh the information whenever you check the page by clicking the posting. You can even tell it to email you information about new loads that match your needs whenever they are posted so you can be one of the first carriers to call about a load that is of interest to you. Another option is to have the loadboard monitor each day all the loads that become available around your base of operations. This can help you develop steady outbound runs from you home base. You can also setup your repetitive truck postings as templates to make posting them again quick and easy.

BROKERS: You can post your loads and you can set LoadSurfer to monitor your postings and notify you as soon as a new truck is posted where a carrier indicates he is looking for a load where your load is and he wants to go to or through your loads destination. You can also setup your repetitive load postings as templates to make posting them again quick and easy. You can also set the posting options to post a load daily or even the same day or days each week.

SUBSCRIPTION SPECIAL: When you subscribe to www.LoadSurfer.com you will have free premium access to our sister site www.LoadSolutions.com. That site's unique feature is a shipper database of over 80000 companies throughout the US with 40 or more employees and it provides information about each company. including how many employees each company has and what the make and you can generally spot the ones who are likely to have the kind of loads of interest. At that point you need to put on your salesman hat, contact them, introduce yourself and your service to them and convert them to customers. Remember they will never even consider using you if they don't know you exist.

CARRIERS: Use the shipper database to find manufacturing companies in and around your base of operations to find local companies who may have a need for the service you are able to provide. The beauty of having your own shippers, of course, is you get 100% of what the shipper is paying to have his loads moved. Then use our www.loadsurfer.com loadboard to find loads to get you back home.

Brokers: The shipper database will help you find new customers anywhere in the country and help you grow your business. We recommend you consider concentrating on finding customers right in your location because you can develop a personal relationship and loyalty with them. You will also develop a following of carriers who are in your area frequently and will be happy to cover your loads. Of course, as loads are offered to you, www.loadsufer.com will help you find available trucks to cover them. It can even notify you when there is a new posting from a carrier who may be interested in covering your load.

Free Trial: Visit our free trial page and try the various search options. The results are current load postings but the contact information is not shown. After you subscribe you will also have access to the options to post your trucks and loads, to setup templates for repetitive postings, and, set notification options for postings that will be of interest.

Give us a try. Sign up today. Our subscriptions rate is a small one time payment of just $149. There are no monthly or yearly payments ever. Finding just one or two loads or trucks will pay for a subscription and from that point on the site will never cost you anything and it will continue to be a great resource for finding loads and/or trucks in the future.

If you have any questions or need any help with the site, please give us a call at 239-603-6375 or use the site's Contact Us form.