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Are you a freight broker, trucking company or an owner operator located in the US or Canada?

LoadSurfer provides quality freight matching services at an unbeatable price. If you're looking for then look no further. A full subscription to the LoadSurfer loadboard, gives you access to more than 30,000 freight loads per day for just $99, per user. For just a fraction of the cost of what most freight brokers in the US or Canada will charge, you can access all of LoadSurfer's great features.

Check out LoadSurfer's great features!

  • Unlimited posting and searching for freight, loads and equipment
  • E-Mail alerts to let you know when you have new leads
  • Ansonia credit reports
  • Look for loads with the J.D. factors guarantee
  • Valet Posting service is great for companies who don't have time to post!
  • ProMiles mileage
  • And much moreā€¦

Posting Your Freight is Always FREE!

Posting your freight on LoadSurfer is always free for trucking companies not only in the city where you live, but also anywhere in the US and Canada. Test out our features by trying a load search for yourself, and sign up for LoadSurfer today!

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Hi Roy, just wanted you to know, 15 minutes after signing up with Loadsurfer yesterday I found a match for my truck in the states. this load was not on the Link. Thanks, Gene

Gene E., Ontario

The reason I love Loadsurfer is I never have to log on and do a search.I entered the load search I need and then the loads come right to my email. that simple. no logging on and hitting refresh every 5 minutes. Everything is done automatically is done for you and sent to my email ... can't beat it!

Kevin L., Fisher, Illinois

Roy, your site has worked consistently for me since I signed up. I used another company for load search prior to coming to Load Surfer and didn't get near the same results. I've been happy with the performance of Load Surfer since day one, the lady I spoke with on the phone for trial use was very polite, knowledgeable and helpful. The information on the search page is laid out well and easy to use. Thank you for helping me get my truck loaded.

Paul P., Mitchell, South Dakota

As an owner/operator of one truck and trailer, I signed up with Loadsurfer.com after my steady southbound run to Reno, NV dried up due to the poor economy. Loadsurfer.com has been quite instrumental in helping this O/O keep on rolling every week with paying freight inside my trailer, a fete that their competitor could not accomplish.

Jon R., Snohomish, Washington

We really like the email notifications. Since we are on the road all the time, we use the email notifications to let us know when there is a new load available for us. This has saved our bacon more than once!

Julio., Stockton, CA

Hi. We have had very good luck with Loadsurfer in finding the loads we need when we need them. Thanks Loadsurfer

Ronnie M., Burlington, North Carolina

How is LoadSurfer different from other loadboards?

LoadSurfer is different from other freight matching load boards because we offer a one of the best monthly prices for freight matching services. Our loadboard is also very easy to use.

How many users at a time can access LoadSurfer?

You can have as many employees access LoadSurfer simultaneously as you need. We do not charge anything for additional users.

What if I don't have time for post a load or a truck?

We offer a valet posting service. E-Mail us your loads or available equipment, and we'll post it into the system for you.

What is LoadSurfer?

LoadSurfer is a US and Canadian based freight matching service, also called a freight load board. If you are looking to haul freight with a truck, our website is the perfect place to start looking for available loads.

Can I post freight or loads for FREE?

Absolutely! If you have freight that needs to be shipped, you can post your freight into the LoadSurfer system at no charge.

How can I sign up for LoadSurfer?

You can sign up for LoadSurfer by visiting our sign up page. Click here for access.


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