Loadsurfer Success Stories

Check out what some of our customers are saying:

“As an owner/operator of one truck and trailer, I signed up with Loadsurfer.com after my steady southbound run to Reno, NV dried up due to the poor economy. Loadsurfer.com has been quite instrumental in helping this O/O keep on rolling every week with paying freight inside my trailer, a fete that their competitor could not accomplish.”
Jon R., Snohomish, WA

"Hi Roy, just wanted you to know, 15 minutes after signing up with Loadsurfer yesterday I found a match for my truck in the states. this load was not on the Link. Thanks, Gene"
Gene E., Ontario, Canada

“Roy, your site has worked consistently for me since I signed up. I used another company for load search prior to coming to Load Surfer and didn’t get near the same results. I’ve been happy with the performance of Load Surfer since day one, the lady I spoke with on the phone for trial use was very polite, knowledgeable and helpful. The information on the search page is laid out well and easy to use. Thank you for helping me get my truck loaded.”
Paul P., Mitchell, SD

“The reason I love Loadsurfer is I never have to log on and do a search.I entered the load search I need and then the loads come right to my email. that simple. no logging on and hitting refresh every 5 minutes. Everything is done automatically is done for you and sent to my email .....cant beat it!”
Kevin L., Fisher, IL

“Hi. We have had very good luck with Loadsurfer in finding the loads we need when we need them. Thanks Loadsurfer”
Ronnie M., Burlington, NC

"I have been using Loadsurfer for less than a month and already I have hauled 5 loads worth over $6,000! That has already paid for the subscription fee."
Maudi F., Cleveland, OH

“Loadsurfer has worked well for me. It is easy to use and usually they have a few trucks looking to head direction my freight is going. I would recommend it to everyone who has freight to go anywhere. They are very helpful!”
Scott, Ottawa, ON

"We really like the email notifications. Since we are on the road all the time, we use the email notifications to let us know when there is a new load available for us. This has saved our bacon more than once!"
Julio., Stockton, CA

“I really like the freight I find at loadsurfer! Most of the loads I found pay better than the other sites I have been using.”
Larry T., Coffeeville, MS