Load Surfer Load Board Packages and Pricing Plans

Plan Month 1 Year 2 Years
Basic Account $25 $150 $200
Premium Account
(Includes Shipper Database)
$30 $180 $250

Check out some of the features included with your subscription!


The shipper database is a tool you can use to find new customers and grow your business. It contains basic information for over 80,000 manufacturing companies throughout the US. For Carriers it is especially helpful for finding local manufacturing companies in and around your home base that you can serve directly. For Brokers it provides leads to companies throughout the US and many are potential customers.


  • There are tens of thousands of load for you to serf throughout the US and Canada.
  • When you search for a load for an immediate need, you can save it as a template if it is a search that you will need to do frequently. You can then go to your MY Postings page and monitor the available loads at any time.
  • You can also check the "My Search Results" page and see the very latest listing of postings that match your needs.
  • If it is a posting that will be repeated from time to time, you can save it as a template and then redate and repost it whenever the need repeats.
  • You can also monitor loads to and from your favorite destinations to specialize in running between two cities and/or states. Simply monitor postings of loads as they become available in and near your home city that are going to and near your preferred destination. Similarly, you should monitor potential loads to get you back home from around your preferred destination.
  • When you concentrate on running a dedicated lane, as you contact Brokers about loads that match your needs they will quickly become aware that you are someone who can help them cover loads they know match your needs.
  • 100% Internet based – login from anywhere – even on your smartphone!
  • ProMiles mileage is shown for each load. These miles may vary somewhat from the mileage the broker is using because of various possible routes.